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Claude Laroche is a developer / entrepreneur active in the residential construction industry for over 30 years. He developed several neighborhoods including Laval, Ste-Thérèse, Blainville, Mascouche, St Eustatius, St-Joseph-du-Lac and St-Jérôme in the Bellefeuille sector and now they are in Mirabel, Blainville and Ste-Sophie. Over the years, his 3 children Mark, Annie-Claude Frédéric joined the company. By combining their knowledge in carpentry and interior design, it allowed them to propose new ideas to their clients.

Project developped over 7 North Shore areas

With a high level of satisfaction of its clientele, Les Habitations Innovatel 2007 inc. have been awarded by the New Home Warranty A.P.C.H.Q. the distinction Master certified diamond palm manufacturer which is the highest award in the residential construction industry.

The warranty A.P.C.H.Q. certified palm Diamond Class

Les Habitations Innovatel 2007 inc. have developed residential projects tailored to the needs of its customers. By the same token, they offer several choices of projects and of various sizes land blocks to allow you to build your home in the neighborhood of your choice according to your values. Our mission is to build your home that will meet your needs. Each house is made with meticulous care and that makes these houses real gems in which to live.

Les Habitations Innovatel