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Les Habitations Innovatel projet de condos neufs


L’Orée de Blainville

The years 2000 to 2007 were mainly marked by the association between two well-known contractors.After working individually on the BOISÉ CHÂTEL project,which has more than 450 lots in Blainville, the two companies decided to join forces in an exceptional second major project of more than 450 lots in Blainville.called L’ORÉE de BLAINVILLE. This project is surrounded by Ernest Bourque, Richard and Paul-Mainguy streets.

L’Orée de Mascouche

2007 to 2009 were spent in the city, of Mascouche,near City Hall. Les Habitations Innovatel (2007) inc. elevated over 55 properties, on Francoise-Giroude and Marguerite Duras streets. This project is situated close to the all necessary accommodations and main roads.It was 100 % completed and sold out.

L’Orée de Saint-Eustache

Another project created by Les Habitations Innovatel 2007 inc. between 2008 and 2010 ,is located near major roads, in the city of St-Eustache. Here as well they elevated almost 70 beautiful houses, situated on Asters and Allée de la Roseraie streets. This project is also 100% completed.

L’Orée de Saint-Joseph-du-Lac

New Condos 3 ½, 4 ½, 5 ½, and single family homes,10 minutes away from the train station of Deux-Montagnes. Created by Les Habitations Innovatel 2007 inc. between the 2009 and 2013.The project is almost completed, there is one home still available.